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About us

Stanmark group was founded in 1993 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, by Indian technocrats having years of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals. The company aims at providing quality and affordable healthcare to all. Stanmark and its associate companies are engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations.


At Stanmark, our Vision transcends boundaries as we aspire to be an international leading healthcare company that expands by uplifting its partners and consumers. We materialize this vision by developing and introducing superior quality healthcare that is also cost efficient for the community. We aim to give the best value to our stake holders through our consistent quality, consumer-oriented services and innovative products. Stanmark is committed to excel in supporting human healthcare. Stanmark strives hard to support people, communities and ultimately all the hands that heal.

At Stanmark we share a passion for quality and enjoy the pursuit for excellence which have become an integral part of our corporate ethic.The Quality Assurance department is well equipped with the latest Quality control equipment which safeguard the Company's commitment to our clients.

The product range covers various specialities under the Drug, Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical (FSSAI) norms and Organic Herbals products. We are constantly looking to diversify into grow with the economy and market variations.’ In our core values and principles, we believe in offering products of the highest quality and supporting the Hands that Heal with innovative contribution in patient-care.


It has always been our mission to provide outstanding quality for manufacturing which is supported by stellar marketing. Our innovative product development team has been providing technical knowhow for setting up production processes since the early fruition of the company. Stanmark promotes over 200 molecules in its own brand name pan India. We have diversified also into 7 divisions to provide a varied range of products and services to our distinctive partners and consumers. We strive to make manifest our vision through disciplined practices and by metamorphosing the pharma industry, one formulation at a time.

Stanmark's vast product portfolio range comprises of Antibiotics, Antibacterial, Anti-malarial, Antiretroviral (ARV), Anti-ulcerant, Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic, Anti-spasmodic, Nutritional, Dermatological, Hormones, Nephrology, Nerve Management and other specialities. Focusing on the lifestyle disorder segments such as Cardiovascular, Diabetics and Neuropsychiatry, we have over the years introduced several need-based therapies.

Our associate plants are certified to produce various delivery forms like Tablet, Capsule, Oral Liquid, Ointment, Injectables and Sustain-Release product. In our continuous effort to provide new products and forms we have diversified into Herbal, Nutritional and Veterinary products.

Stanmark develops and applies skills to ensure the quality of the product right from design to the manufacturing stage safeguarding patient’s wellbeing and efficacy of the product.

Stanmark’s motto is “Helping the Hands that Heal”